Darlin Co


Darlin Co

I was supposed to write about discipleship but there are times when you gotta let your memories be the inspiration for your words.

     My family and I were blessed with four, fully paid, tickets to a cruise to the Bahamas. Praise the Lord for His unexpected gifts. I didn’t expect it to be more than a weekend getaway/ celebration of my dad’s birthday. But to think you won’t learn something while surrounded by nothing but the mysteries of the sea is pure ignorance. For some reason I was surprised by fear as I found myself in the open-spaced ninth floor of this overwhelming huge cruise. I placed my feet at the edge and set my eyes on the horizon. My sight couldn’t take in more than a few stars, and the lighting that illuminated 1/1000th of the pitch-black sky. It felt as if I was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. There, I was made aware of how small I was in the center of an ocean where even a cruise is seen as a mere dot.

     In the middle of this vast immensity, our miniscule reality crashes with the capability of greatness like waves of grace. Compared to God we are nothing, yet He still gave the sacrifice of a lamb to say that we are e v e r y t h i n g.

     There, I found myself questioning if I would ever look at my hands and give them the right to take a life. To decide with my perverse judgement who is a thug and who is worthy of saving. Would I ever be so naïve to think that another color is beneath the dignity of my own? Can the depravation of my surroundings give me the right to be silent about the injustices faced? At what moment did humans become gods dictating who will be punished for their color and who will be saved by their privilege?

     I can understand what it means to be bullied, hurt and thrown aside for being a “doesn’t speak English very well, came to take our jobs, your momma should speak English ‘cus she’s in America” immigrant because that’s what I’ve experienced. But to understand what Black Lives Matter means I just have to understand who Jesus is. A man who stood for the oppressed, hated, ridiculed, shamed, unloved. A man who died for all.

     I will never understand what it means to criticize a player who is standing up for justice by kneeling down when the system is a bigger offense. What it means to kill a man because his car breaks down and treat a serial killer with more dignity because “that was just a mental breakdown”. What it means to forget the history of this country because the past needs to be forgotten unless it is to make America great again.

     Media keeps pushing down our throats an agenda written to distract from reality. The reality that those who are not “superior” will be killed or locked on one side of a wall. While bigotry keeps making its way to neighborhoods that are being overpopulated by caskets.

     The fear that consumed me as I stood by the rail of that cruise was nothing more than the realization of the similarity between that pitch-black sky and today. We are being consumed by darkness. You could be a shining, majestic, immense, well-built cruise but when night takes over the sky, you will be nothing more than a small boat in need of the guidance of light. I have not lost someone in this awful war but in this time of darkness and blood-shed I hope that you may hold on to the light. That as you fight for justice you might find it. As you speak for freedom you might receive it. As you need someone to join you in this battle, know that you are not alone.


In the midst of the ocean even a cruise is seen a mere dot. In the midst of God, injustice will be defeated.


Con toda mi Alma.