Darlin Co


Darlin Co

      When I came to Christ, truly surrendering my life before him- I was in a place where the last thing I wanted to do was be around people. I was deeply hurt just like I had deeply hurt others. To find honest, life-giving friendships wasn’t in my prayers as it seemed impossible that anything good could flow out of me or others. I’m “always right” and that is why God always proves me wrong.

      The beginning of my walk with Christ was simple: I was desperate for Him and needed someone who was patient enough to walk by my side as I found my way back to Him. I needed sisterhood. I have to admit I was selfish when I asked God for at least one person that could prove my theory wrong (every human will hurt me), I was thinking of what I needed to make it. It started with one simple invitation: come over to my house to read the word. I was not ready to step into a Church because my sin told me that I would be met by judgment so of course I agreed to take the 5-minute drive. One hour studies turned into Friday night groups which turned into midnight conversations that transformed into morning prayers that continued into a daily walk with me. God in His mercy could transform my life in a second if He had pleased, but he decided to take me in a slow process and used this sister to make it happen in a beautiful way.


            Here are my reasons why sisterhood is so essential in my life.



       A friend turns into a sister when they tell you the truth that you don’t want to hear but need in order to grow. We all have sinned and in that understanding are able to create an environment when we can freely share our struggles, temptations and doubts. In this friend I found trust, in her correction I find growth, in her love I felt compelled to be the same towards others. I remember the moment I knew I could trust her. We walked into La Carreta, with palms sweaty I sit in the table with my plate of delicious Cuban food and I said it: I would like to share something with you. Something turned into my life story, the darkest moments, the hurtful ones, the worst ones. In her eyes I found compassion and felt what it meant to be loved for who I am, ugly parts included. She reminded me that we are all sinners and that in the confession of my sins God was going to be faithful and just in forgiveness (1 John 1:8-10). She could have easily walked away from this complicated person but instead decided to express a genuine love that in its embrace spoke words that only emphasized the identity God had given me. She constantly prayed for me (Galatians 6:2) and I began to see change in my life. For the first time, I was able to put away my falsehood and speak the truth (Ephesians 4:25) without being met by deception or labels. It was this accountability that helped me to see Jesus for who he was and understand that even when evil came as I sought goodness (Romans 7:21), I was a new Pamela in Christ and had the Spirit within me which gave me the power to overcome.



       I thought that to see God was to have my bedroom ceiling open as lighting stroked my surroundings and BOOM. In the wait of a miracle I missed Him all around me. My problem with accepting God was the unjust comparison I subjected him to. He must be like those who didn’t protect me when they were supposed to, or the ones who left when the relationship got tough, or maybe like all the promises that were never met. Sisterhood, once again, proved me wrong. I realized that if a human could still love me after all I had done wrong, then how could the Father not love me even more. She encouraged me to seek Jesus and that was the foundation of our friendship. Not what we liked, or what we had lived together but Jesus himself. I learned to not just exist but live with a purpose. Through her life I faced a question: will I exist forever in death or will I live eternally?


            We don’t always realize how our life can impact others but when you decide to live in the love and forgiveness found in John 3:16 then your life will transform this world.


C, I thank you. It is the way you walk in love that marked the beginning of my walk with Christ.

& to my Sol, life wouldn’t be as colorful without you.


Con toda mi Alma.