Darlin Co


Darlin Co

Numbing pain, deep regret

Is there a way to feel again?

What I haven’t known, what I wish to know

Escape the darkness creeping in

Shattered heart, wounded soul

In love with the highs

Amnesia of the past entering my system

Like a flood, like a dream

I am who I wanna be

I am who they wanna hear

I am

I am

Who am I?

It has passed away

It has left me lonesome

Feeling some type of way

Like I need it again

To survive



To be known

For something that I’m not

I don't even know who I am

That’s why I keep it on another level

In love with other levels

That got my mind running fast

Past your lies

Past the lights

Past the stabs

To my heart

That got me wondering

Who I can trust

What is trust?

But a way to feel dead again

When you open up

They make you bleed again

Help me believe

In my dreams

In myself

That I got something more to offer

Than this pain

Than regrets

Don’t applaud my lows

They got me feeling low

Bring me up

Not on highs

But on love

Listen up

I got something to say

To express

Wait on me

I might scream

I might push

I might wound


As my own

But show me love

How I need it

My flesh desires the dark

My heart desires the mercy

Maybe then I’ll survive

Maybe then I’ll escape

What I’ve known

My reality

Let it be just a dream

A twisted fantasy

Let your love be the sword

That breaks my chains

Let your love be the hand

That breaks loose the rope around my neck

Let your love be the cure

That drains away

The venom in my veins

Show me grace

Show me love

Show me something more

Than what I’ve known

There must be more

Is there more?

Show me more

Than a weekend

Than a moment

Wait on me

I might break

I might fail

I might fade


Back to who I was

Show me more

And I just might stay

Please help me stay