Darlin Co

El negro detrás de las orejas

Darlin Co
El negro detrás de las orejas

One day an aunt sat me down and said

Pamela, if you ever think about bringing a black man into this house you can forget that I’m your aunt

She added, you can’t say that I’m racist for speaking my mind, don’t you see that my husband is dark? How could I be racist?

As if sleeping next to a color different than hers granted the authority to speak hatred,

As if the laughter she used to try to hide her words took away from the hurt that I felt

When I sensed her words were descendants of Spanish conquistadors that traded my ancestors mirrors for their lives

The excuse that those savages are no good for our society

how could that tan skin be better than our blonde hair and blue eyes?

but it’ll be fine if we rape their women

their skin disgust us [but a man has needs]

and man, can those curves satisfy my thirst to release the anger in me

Her words didn’t stop there

She continued to spit syllabus to my face that were too familiar

You need to better the race, what a disgrace to bring to this world a black face

in that moment I realized that she needed my offspring to be white

to erase the African blood running in me

to ignore the reality that race is just a term created by those men who wanted to dominate

in a world where color gave them authority

savages in their eyes, can only be suppressed by whips to our backs and bullets to our minds

they want to inject fear in our DNA

fear to speak out and fight with our words the injustice faced

in a world where news are seen in black and white

the higher the melanin, the higher the sentence

they ask us to go back to our countries unless you want to be overworked and underpaid

because if that is the case we’ll get

the american dream

a dream that will get you killed if you ain’t got the right papers to save your life

They say “Look at all the progress we’ve made”

We’ve sailed away from a time where racism reigned

But the only ship we’re sailing on has the words

"this is what privilege looks like" engraved on the side

Bringing us closer to our destiny

Chained in the dark without a clue of what is to come

Hoping that we’re going towards a new land, where we all sing kumbaya, hold hands and laugh together

Together we will die unless we rise and revolt

Against the blood being shed

The injustice being shared amongst our communities

Our husbands

Our sons

Our brothers

And I’m tired

Tired of being told what my husband should look like

What my accent should sound like

How white my kids should be

To forget that somewhere down the line a mistake was made when colors were mixed

But racism still passed down through the blood

Of those that tell me that black isn’t beautiful

That curly isn’t elegant

That hips aren’t appealing

That its better to succeed with light skin than be killed by a dark exterior

They’ve devising a carefully designed plan

Where segregation will rule our land

We will be our own enemies

Looking to our brother as our killer

When the Hitlers are standing in their suit and tie

Watching us die

Playing a chess game where you can only move your pieces

To the black spaces

Cause there can be no segregation

When their white King is trying to kill our black pieces

Piece by piece broken by a hate that extends

From the death of many to the wall of Mexico

And I’m just trying to find myself in a world

Where I’m not black enough or white enough

Too Latina for my gringos

Yet too white to be an Afro-Latina

I have the tears of the Taino embedded in my skin

When my land needed to be cleansed for the Spaniards

To deem it worthy

The rhythm of the African drums resonates in my ears

Louder than the words of those who say

That there isn't a problem

When the only right they wanna give us is to remain silent.


Con toda mi