Darlin Co


Darlin Co


I drank water after days of hallucination.

every inch of me was parched

I felt my throat dry after swimming in sand 

I was lonely when warm embraces met my skin

I met the high road and walked on an incline, I smiled meeting well painted wood and trees surrounding my every corner, with a round table eating eggs and bacon, homemade french toast. Delighted with my cafe con leche.

consuming knowledge in joyful conversation

enjoying dialogues with a fourteen year old who had the world in her hands

a twelve year old who held the earth so close, she knew details that traced back to Alaskan moose.

It took four days to realize my fight for invincibility was bleak. The revolution continued on beyond my facebook posts and rants between friends who had their eyes open. 

I drank my wine and broke bread with women whose temples were kissed by the so(u)n. Loving on the marginalized. Realizing slowly, that our actions could only go so far. But they'll hit deep. We normalized our humanity, and let go of our savior complex, placing them on the hands who were fiercely pierced.

I looked at myself, saw I politicized my entire being. I saw blue and red, black and white, beige and brown. Always finding myself in the middle, merciless. 

You met me in a place hundreds of miles from home. You told me to be selfish in you, to love you, to love myself, to love the world. The blame will be passed on to every individual, every nation, political leader, religious entity; the blame would finally be carried by all, every drop of blood accounted for. You've cleansed our red hands, and welcomed us in.

you took the cup, and filled it up. 

You met me in the trees, in the peachy swirls in the sky, the hills towards soul food and arcade games. You met me there. In my tiredness, you saw in me things that did not exist without that speck in your eye, with you in me. 


From June 27-30, 2018, Amanda and I enjoyed Georgia and all the Gwinnett county and the Atlanta area had for us for that time. We spent our days with our soul sis, Ambar R. and her family (we are forever grateful), and a few new friends. Four days was all that was needed to capture my reality, and let me think about this year, my passions and my needs, and God's hand in what is my little life. It was a push that I needed, it was rest, it was out of comfortability.  It was lovely. 

Our friend, Jeff/ Shepherd made a stop at home for the intern tour. and this is it: