Darlin Co

¿y esta lluvia?

Darlin Co
¿y esta lluvia?

Thursday morning: 9:00 am.

We've started dressing, planning to be productive, getting a few quehaceres out of the way, and hoping for good light to take some pictures. 

Me, an unexperienced photography/film aficionado, who enjoys the art but has lost my memory card and charger, has no film for my  Polaroid or zenit-e, and often forgetting how to access my ISO.

My friends have an absurd amounts of patience.

It's early afternoon, and we're beaming. Ready to drive into the Gables area in search for green, and it starts pouring. We've had a drought, and I am still not pleased. In the car we make the decision to ruin my freshly straightened hair and explore the white walls of a changing room- we've found our space. 

The climate makes for cooler tones. my sisters' confidence makes for a good time. We are creating. 

The shoot showed intimacy, a white robe.. it exemplified confidence, she knew who she was. She knows who she is.

I found joy in creating a time stamp in my friend's journey to confidence. A moment to reflect later on in her journey. I am still seeking that peace. I am still seeking that photo, the one that will reflect the result of saying I love you, and meaning it. 

It takes pushing yourself forward. 


Thursday 9:23 am

We've found ourself at a nearby KIA, the garage is empty and my camera battery is blinking red. I've lost my charger, and it might get a bit cloudy. The garage shadows are beautiful, but this corner gives us a bit of light. We were inspired by Lateciat's gram and confidence. 

We are creating (quickly, rushed, hot, but so so happy)


I asked Ella, what this all meant to her. Taking photographs, pushing herself, getting to know her body 

She compared modeling to dancing, [when you model you know your body, when you dance you know your body. In modeling you need to be conscious of the way you move to get the picture, to make the pose. Though she grew up feeling insecure about her body, she always felt like she needed to push herself out of her comfort zone, she understood that even though she felt insecure it didn't mean she couldn't feel good about herself in a picture. She wanted to feel beautiful, and her insecurities should not stop her from that. Modeling is helping her understand that every person is unique, and when one understands that differences should be celebrated then one can focus on that and then we can start focusing on how one could be the best version of themselves, not like looking at others and copying them.]

"How can I look like the best version of myself, and feel good about it-for myself"

"For me this photoshoot process is to get to know my body more, how it moves, how I move it.."