Darlin Co


Darlin Co

Chicago, you have captivated me.

Fourteen scheduled days of building relations with nine strangers , three housemates deciding to become roommates. First five days of odd coldness and two months of unwelcoming heat. A beautiful drive on LakeShore and correcting people on how its not a beach. Seven wonderful young women growing and learning, and three magnificent men on their own journeys. Ten weeks of hosting missionary groups, volunteering at ministry sites that feel more like home. Weekly prayer tours of the West side of Chicago. Bible study in local coffee shops on Sunday mornings met cravings I never knew I longed for. Jam sessions found in the acute amount of free time we had. Food, from all over every day of the week. The brown line used for moments of reflection.  

Working roughly over 72 hours a week felt just right.


Abba has used this summer to effectively transform my mind. It has challenged me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. God met me in a place of doubt and used it to remind me of His grace. Chicago is my city, much like Miami and Santo Domingo it has taken an important place in my heart. Its imperfections and challenges are necessary in the creation of its story. Becoming more aware of racial injustices, material need, and stereotypical behavior has led me to passionately bring this knowledge back home. I am here to serve my brothers and sisters. I am here to love my brothers and sisters. 

Doing this job effectively would have not been possible without the support of my fellow city hosts, the only people that have remotely an idea of what I experienced. 

Also, Lou Malnati's deep dish is number one; excuse the previous Chicago post. 

P.S: CSM thank you for the privilege of serving this city, for letting me fall in love with it and the communities in it.

Sarah, Emily, and Kristina: you three have made such an impact in my life, thank you all for everything you do, I know I will be seeing you soon.

North Lawndale YMCA: seven weeks serving here was not enough but I will be back soon.

Room Sixteen: You three have impacted me in ways that are unfitting for words, I love you my cheetah sisters.

Room Eighteen: Beautiful, beautiful young women of God. I now have three different places in the Midwest to visit. Thank you for your spirit. Sweet Megan, Wise Julia, and Joyous Hannah.

My boys: Jack- you are a spitfire, and your passion and willingness to serve will go so far, thank you for your friendship.

Skyler- your testimony will never cease to amaze me. Your musical knowledge is a trait I hope to copy, and you got loyalty inside your DNA homie.

Elijah- my friend; there's so much I’d like to say but I am so happy you’ll be a couple hours away. Thank you for being so kind to me and opening soda bottles whenever I needed help.