Darlin Co


Darlin Co

The Windy City indeed. 

I, along with 4 marvelous women, stayed smack in the middle of Downtown Chicago this weekend; the chilly weather invited us and the few seconds of snow touched us in more ways than physical. The purpose wasn't exactly touristic, but we did a lot of that. We met with our friend/brother Jeffrey (Shepherd), some old friends from the Legacy Conference and all the beautiful natives. Chicago is a very special place to me, just like most of the cities I visit it impacted me in several ways. It's strong ties to art and community feels so rejuvenating, its transparency and genuine ambiance is welcoming, and all so very real. I got to participate in something called a Prayer Tour; we drove along the west side and prayed for the specific needs of the neighborhoods that are a part of it. My heart feels for this place, the every day violence is astonishing and unfortunately reminds me of home (D.R); but the hope is there. I got to visit organizations and churches where their hearts are pleading, and their actions through grace is marked to make a difference in the city. We should all try to make a difference right where we are. 

A few travel tips: 

-Visit the Sky-deck in Willis Tower (don't look down unless you're into that kinda stuff, and get the fast pass, unless you have 3 hours to kill)

-If you're feeling really daring, visit 360 Chicago (only our aunt was up to the challenge)

-Walk through Millennium Park, enjoy The Bean and the amphitheater (just look at it, it's beautiful)

-if you got the cash, walk through Magnificent Mile! And if you don't (much like us), window shopping is just as fun

- Have breakfast at Eggsperience Cafe or The Breakfast House (both yum, both awesome)

-Lunch at EpicBurger (get the honey mustard, trust me)

-Dinner at Giordanos! (three words: DEEP DISH PIZZA!)

-And, we didn't get to eat here on this trip but we are forever in love with Uncle Remus! (just go)

Looking forward to wherever my next trip takes me, 

Xx- Siempre mirando al Sol