Darlin Co

el arte imita la vida

Darlin Co
el arte imita la vida

I’ve taken a particular liking to my Latin American and Caribbean studies course this semester, learning about the Spanish Inquisition and the struggle to accept our identity as latinos; our conception being sprung from conquest. Mestizos. Mulattos.

The initial weeks' focus was on the rise of an enlightening thought process brought to life by artists, scholars and jesuits.

Miguel de Cervantes; author of the legendary Don Quixote de la Mancha  felt the need to destroy the one point of view format that the Inquisition proposed, he created modernity through novels. He, like Shakespeare and other individuals, pushed their thoughts through satire because they would be censored otherwise.

Quixote loved, he loved so much he grew attached to illusion and reality was found in what he read. He was not delirious, he knew his love was no princess; but her beauty was interpreted by what he felt as he wrote, not what he saw.

I read these words, as Fuentes (author of The Buried Mirror) interpreted the piece and could only think of God, and the sincerity in building a relationship with him. The parallel might be a stretch, but ride the wave.

We say to live through moments of not knowing, we welcome storms like sunshine and find hope in an unshakeable anchor. Or is that just our intention?

We know a God of true majesty, He who knows all and bares all.

And much like Quixote, we live through the word, and by it. I do not believe this was the intention of Cervantes; but all of these elements made me question how I was living.

Am I living a faithful life? Do I practice what I preach? Do I obey the word?

Is my reality-the desire to please God?

These are questions that stir stomachs, ignite headaches, and cause a great deal of mental exhaustion. But they are necessary. They lead to the path of righteousness if answered sincerely, and I think in the hour and fifteen minutes of class time discussing racism and poverty levels of Afro-Latino populations; my heart tugged for hermeneutics and apologetics, for the gospel, how these all of these elements intersect.

Vivid images of what I say, and how I speak appeared. Conviction on how I present myself, how I present the gospel to unbelievers through life testimony. Scattered thoughts, and years of professional overthinking dropped and ceased from one minute to the next.

I came to an epiphanous moment.

I am still walking.

I am still learning.

And no, I do not have an abundant amount of “time”, but I have faith and grace given to lead a more righteous path.

I believe seasoned Christians (I laughed as I wrote this; barely into my twenties), have a difficult time processing faith and life based questions; because we know the likeable answer. We find it difficult to be honest, to be humble. Reaching over to the comfort of our leadership and forgetting to acknowledge that we’re still learning and will never stop.

Will we accept our reality, and like Quixote live it through a rose colored lense; gifted by grace through difficulty?

Or will we stand avidly pursuing ourself, like the Spanish Crown in the 1600’s, those who proclaimed their interpretation of the word, and have our self-centered dreams crumble before us?

Galatians 3:22 But Scripture has locked up everything under the control of sin, so that what was promised, being given through faith in Jesus Christ, might be given to those who believe.


-Ask yourself the questions listed earlier. Do they strike a nerve or make you feel convicted in any way? Realize where you are spiritually speaking.

-Be encouraged! Pray God will reveal to you where you’re being unfaithful and work on it knowing He has made you capable

-Maintain a consistent prayer and bible study time

-Share your faults with a leader or well trusted brother/sister, accountability is necessary.

-Most importantly, be sincere in all of these steps. Honesty is humbling and necessary for progress


I personally will be taking time to write about leadership in the church community, the struggles of those who know the gospel, real life examples and our need to be reminded of grace. If you have any suggestions or topics that you would like mentioned DM us on instagram or email us at darcopersonal@gmail.com


All love,