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Darlin Co

To see God's hand move in us is absolutely beautiful, so much so that we feel it necessary to share that love with whomever we see, wherever we go not only with our lips, but with our self. We sacrifice our flesh daily to proclaim His name with authority through the grace we have received. 

We impact our community: family, coworkers, classmates, authority figures, that guy on the bus that never seems to stop  bothering you. We influence them with the truth we have been gifted with. 

Our actions, words, thoughts and motives aren't as private as we may think; especially (shout it out for the people in the back*) to our Lord. So when we decided to die to our self and live in Him, we also decided to love His kingdom, and to glorify His name in all instances. We became a page in His big book of miracles, we are the instruments used to spread the Gospel, and to bring His bride together. 

We the Bride

In the Songs of Solomon the idea of the bride and groom is heavily romanticized and used for earthly marriages as a biblical example of true love. But, like many of us know- this book speaks primarily of the love and passion God has for His church. A love so intimate and serious that He used earthly marriage as a far second to His unconditional love for us. In this divine love, we see our need to be obedient and ready to hear of His instructions. Understanding obedience means to remember one of Jesus' last commandments: "love your brother, as I have loved you" (John 13:34, 15:12 etc). 

Jesus in His last days proclaimed God's sovereignty and Mightiness declaring the most important commandment to Love God above all else (Mark 12:30-31) and He also said that loving your neighbor as He has loved us to be the second most important commandment and in some translations mention this being as important as the first. Because if we declare to love God with our all, we also declare to love God's people with our all.

Aquí vienen las pelas:

We are surrounded with thousands of people possibly ready to go on this journey; many skeptics and very few hopeful. God's plans are so incredibly large, yet we think it acceptable to not dar la talla at all times (through grace by faith). Our imperfection is inevitable, but our testimony is continuous and each action we do can become either a helping hand or stumbling block. Our influence and impact matter, we are the ones designed to change and mold this world because once God comes, it's a wrap (seriously). 

Let us be encouraged today: let us make the decision to love our God so much, to love our brethren so much that we first think of God's will and push our desires aside. May we decide to pay close attention to our actions and words so that others can only be encouraged. Let us love as Jesus did, love those that surround us, and guide them only to holiness. 

Alma and I have been abundantly loved by those who surround us: loved through correction, discipleship, encouragement and very much through sisterhood. 

So here's to Luna: a sweet soul who cares and lifts us up only to see us succeed. That loves as Jesus did, and would go through pain if we didn't have to. To you Luna, as you take your journey elsewhere our hearts are forever with you and we are only expectant of big things. 

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Siempre mirando hacia el Sol