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Darlin Co

The unique ambiance that surrounded us this weekend allowed us time to open our hearts, souls, and minds to embracing who we are, and the new environments we encounter. Our weekend in Atlanta, Georgia was interesting to say the least. There's a wonder in places far from home, not only in terms of distance but in the juxtaposition of culture. Our desire as Darlin is always to embrace humanity in general, and the differences that make their individuality special; yet culture shock is inevitable when we are taken out of our nest. Uniqueness sometimes comes forth as odd, and beauty as difference; appreciation usually needs time to marinate and eventually becomes love. ATL, you’ve showed us a love that knows no fear, barriers or prejudice that can take away from our worthiness. As we set foot back home, we hope to bring this love back to a city full of diversity but in need of more knowledge on how to embrace it.


Few travel tips:

-Check out Cultural Acc’nts in Little Five Points

-So Worth Loving’s brand new space in East Atlanta Village

-Margaret Mitchell Museum for Gone With The Wind lovers

-Visit Honeysuckle Gelato in Ponce City Market

-Stroll along The Beltline

-Go to Street Hut for yummy asian pastries

-Please research (thoroughly) any festivals before attending


Our dope t-shirts, courtesy of

No Fear In Love

Jamaica West: http://jamaicawestpoetry.com/new-products/



So worth loving: http://shop.soworthloving.com/collections/view-all