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Jonathan Urtecho has been walking alongside DarlinCo since the very first day, and with us prior to our ministry for many years. We see God's blessings through his lens, and are privileged to name Anchored&Co our main photographers, and closest collaborator. We love his natural light standards, and love even more that this artistic journey isn't about simply capturing moments; but staying in them and using this medium to disciple us and many others. We interviewed John about his process and here's how that went:


  1. How did it all start?

My passion for photography stems from my interest in observing life. I think people are very fascinating, filled with stories, emotions, ideas, dreams. So much is compact into an individual being. As a child, I usually had a fit camera in hand. Nothing fancy, disposable ones at best. I think the process of photography intrigued me more; how we can capture life in this piece of plastic, stir some liquids and develop a memory. I would even have film cameras on my scuba trips to share with others the things i’ve seen. Photo albums, one hour waits were the norm of life, there was always time for putting those together. 

    Later came the digital age where images no longer existed in real life, but “up there” in the cloud somewhere. The art and people connection began to get lost.

    After some years where “life” was happening I picked up the camera again; to capture, inspire, reveal, share, motivate others.  To help others tell their story, a story their family will cherish 100 years form now. a story the word may come to read and learn from. And yes, I love to print my work, to connect with the memory, with the experience, with the person.

    It all began with a boy who observes life through his own lens to tell stories. I am an author, a creator.

2. How do you plan to glorify God through your art?

It can be a challenge to glorify God in a “business” setting that can sometimes have nothing to do with “church.” At the end of the day, business is about serving people. As I connect with people in different situations, I use my talents to add value to people’s lives. Often times being able to share hope with others. As I tell their stories, I pray that each picture represents a moment where someone reminded them they are important and are loved by God, the author of their story; whether its a mother who has been to busy to be photographed, or a family brought together for an instance, or someone who always felt invisible or worthless but for a moment, for a memory.

3. What inspires you?

Potential inspires me. To think of how to bring out the best in someone, where one day they will look back and recall they are more than what they credit themselves to be. To celebrate the life that we have been given and share with others. Solomon wrote that God has placed eternity in our hearts, we all long to be remembered, to have our stories told, that’s what inspires me. 


Anchored&Co provided some of his film for a bridal shoot he did recently, and we're hoping you're inspired and blessed by them! (These photographs are official property of @AnchoredandCo, and are not to be used without his permission). Please feel free to follow Jonathan via Instagram (@anchoredandco), and on his site that can be found on our collaborators section. Love + Light

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