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We've had the pleasure to see Aboogie's (formally known as Ambar Reinoso) artistic journey for several years, and feel tremendously honored to have her as a permanent DarlinCo  collaborator. A Miami raised, now Georgia based artist,  we adore her natural lighting strategies and praise her minimal to no changes on her raw pieces.  We interviewed her about her process and here's how it went:

         1. How did it all start?

"This is the kind of question that really makes you think… I was about 9 or 10 when I fell in love with photography. I have an uncle who is a phenomenal photographer, one day we [were] out with family and I just saw him taking pictures. Photo, after photo, after photo. I asked him if i could use it and just the fact that he said yes really struck me, it’s rare for adults to [let one]use their expensive gadgets. I just began to shoot, and I took a ton of photos and never thought about it again. We went home later that evening, he’s going through the pictures and he’s like “whoa Ambar, you really have an eye for this! You could possibly be better than me!” and this is not the kind of fluffy uncle, he is not a fluffer… does not give out compliments for fun, so, those words really stuck with me. I remember feeling like my entire life was just revealed to me (remember, I’m a ten year old girl) my passion for photography just grew stronger as the years went on. Of course I thank my uncle for that day, for “revealing” to me what I thought my purpose was, but now as I grow older in the gospel and I see how the Lord has revealed himself in my life, I now know, that it was all God. He put this knack for photography in me and I am ever so grateful. 


2. How do you seek to glorify God through your art?

"I find it so important to capture the authenticity of anything I take a photo of. I truly believe that the subjects I photograph were perfectly crafted by the Lord and I have no business adjusting or changing that. That’s how I seek to glorify Him, I capture things as they are, as He made them to be. No editing, no changing, nothing photo-shopped, nothing is fake. God made all things perfect in His eyes and everything I capture is beautiful because His hand crafted it. That’s what I need people to see, God does not make mistakes. ever."


3. What inspires you?

"I usually seem to be very easily inspired. My mom inspires me, my sisters, my friends, the world, the sky. I see beautiful hair or trees and I feel inspired. I find inspiration in such little things because when those little things are captured through my lens time freezes and that one photo I captured will never be captured the same way again. No two pictures are the same, and that in itself is quite inspiring. Most importantly, the Lord inspires me. He gave me this gift for a purpose much greater than I, and thinking about the plans that He is for my life pushes and inspires to capture wonderfully."



#theLordhasblessedme #capturingforChrist 


Aboogs sent us some amazing pictures, inspired by her new home environment and her sister. Be blessed with these photographs! (Please do not use these pictures without the owners' consent, it's official property of AboogieXDarlinCo)

Also follow Ambar on social media (IG: @abooogie_), and on her platform site located on our collaborators section.