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A. Ruiz

Amanda Ruiz (a.k.a: A.Ruiz) is a Miami-based singer who is featured on a few hits by Shepherd such as Hope Anthem and Good Shepherd, a worship leader at Mision Cristiana Maranatha; our home church, and a student at the Miami Arts Institute working on an audio production bachelor's degree. She blessed us with an interview describing her passions, inspirations, and artistic process. We are honored to have her part of the DarlinCo family as an official musician at our functions, and a part of our intimate circle . Here are those responses:  

1.How did it all start? 
 Well, it all started when I was a mere 5 years old. I was always humming tunes I would hear at home or at church and even in my bus. At a really young age I would take a private bus to pre-school and kindergarten, and my bus driver religiously played old school spanish ballads, and my family tells me that I would come home singing these songs and they thought it was pretty funny because I was this little 5 year-old singing songs in spanish about heart break. *chuckles* My parents told me they thought it was cute and they liked the idea of me being a singer since there wasn't any in the family. But one day, I was singing by myself in my room, and they decided to pay close attention to me, and they realized that I wasn't just trying to sing the songs I heard, but that I was actually hitting the notes and singing on key. So immediately after that my parents enrolled me in music/singing lessons at a church nearby my house that offered them, and I started getting invitations to sing at different churches, and various church events, and well, the rest is history. But in all seriousness, I'm really grateful to have parents that took an inclination towards my talent and didn't just dismiss it. They supported me and sacrificed for me and I wouldn't know or be what I am now without them. That really helped to mold me and develop my craft. 


2.How do you seek to glorify God through your art?

Music really ministers to me and I think that it ministers to everyone. What I've always felt in my heart is to make music that brings people to Christ. Not just make music to make music or because the tune is catchy or to gain some type of popularity. But to actually make content that will attract people to God. Whether it's a song about a personal experience, or a worship song, I just want to put out a message that will be life changing to people. And that message is Jesus. 


3.What inspires you? 

Other than God Himself, my life in general really inspires me. The things I feel, my struggles, my triumphs, my experiences, pretty much everything. A big thing that inspires me is God's mercy and grace. It's new everyday and I recognize I'm so undeserving of that.


A. Ruiz sent us a short clip of her new song and we are honored to have heard it first (This audio clip is protected under CopyRight laws, and is not allowed usage by any means unless the owner; Amanda Ruiz, permits it). To follow Amanda on social media, follow @a.ruizoffical and for any inquiries please contact aruizoffical@icloud.com. 

Be blessed, Love + Light

Alma X Sol